Token + economics = the tokenomics of a game/project, which is critical to its success and future.

In AoD, we want to respect and breathe the ethos of decentralization being the new power of the people. Because of this, our tokenomics are guided by the following principles:

  • Community-owned, vision-guided - the community is predominantly in control of what the Arkonian metaverse can and will be - but anything new needs to be guided by a vision that everyone in the community believes in.

  • Social impact first, wealth second - we aim to create a platform where all Arkonians are abundant with what they need (and want). But before that happens, we must give first. Therefore, 20% of all profits and 10% of the token value (vesting applies) goes to social impact initiatives.

  • Equal opportunity, limitless possibilities - We have calculated our tokenomics so that there's equal opportunity for everyone to participate - and still rewarding early supporters.

See the next sections on how we have allocated the tokens, their release schedule, and what token usage we have designed for the game.

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