Core Values

Impact Over Profit

Everything we do in Ark of Dreams is guided by our common desire to create significant positive social impact. When there are decisions about impact vs profit first, impact will always win.

Fail Fast, Fail Forward

We believe that progress comes from action, not perfection. We have a bias towards action first, test second, and finally, perfection.

Limitless Empowerment

We focus on how everything can be done without any form of limitation - and then we make it happen. This mindset overflows through everything we do, and empowers others to think the same way.

Abundance Over Scarcity

An abundance mindset helps us share this mindset in all that we do, and everyone we engage with. Scarcity leads to misery but abundance leads to joy and creativity.

Unique & Immersive Experience

A unique and immersive experience opens up a person into endless possibilities. We believe that aiding each and every person that we interact with to unlock their full potential empowers them to enrich their lives in their own terms.

Relationships Over Transactions

We have a bias towards building long-term relationships with our team, our customers, our stakeholders, and everyone else we interact with. Transactions have no value without a personal human connection.