Executive Summary

Our world is evolving in ways we cannot fathom.

The digital revolution, including cryptocurrency and NFTs, has forever changed the way people live. Brands globally are exploring new ways to take advantage of this to remain relevant.

Blockchain technology also changed the way people earn income, which has become evident in the release of highly successful Play2Earn games such as Axie Infinity and Sandbox.

The Landscape

The NFT gaming and crptocurrency market is ever evolving.

The price of NFT game token prices are constantly falling. With unsound tokenomics and business models, many introductory NFT games are not able to sustain the price of their digital assets and tokens, and investors are not able to experience long term gains for their purchases. Moreover, usually the early adapters are the ones who win, leaving behind those who jump in too late in the game. The buzzword "metaverse" is appearing in every social media platform, while major brands such as Pepsi, Coke, Adidas, Nike and McDonald's around the world are exploring its future for their businesses.

There is an impending need and opportunity to revolutionize the NFT industry by merging the game world, metaverse and how we interact with the real world. Now that we're closer than ever to merging the digital world (a.k.a. the "Metaverse") with the Real World, the Ark of Dreams is here to provide limitless opportunities for people to live however they want to while earning tokens that they can use to get real-life benefits from their favorite brands.

We connect people, businesses, artists, basically everything, inside this one Metaverse in order to make impact in the real world.

We also believe that technology can be used to create social impact. Ark of Dreams is our vehicle for helping small business owners, SME's and those earning day to day income, recover and thrive amidst uncertain times.

Welcome to the Ark of Dreams.

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