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Union Bank of the Philippines enters the Metaverse with the Ark of Dreams

RECOGNIZING the explosive growth of blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrency globally, Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank), the country's digital innovation pioneer, has embarked on a journey to become the first Philippine bank in the Metaverse, in partnership with Filipino Blockchain startup Ark of Dreams.
UnionBank has always been at the forefront of technological innovations to empower consumers and make them future-ready. It was the first Philippine bank to introduce the following that have been game-changers in the way we do banking: (1) mobile banking through wireless application protocol-enabled cellphones; (2) launch a banking website; (3) use an online payment card through EON; (4) use a chat bot ("Talk to Rafa"); (5) launch its own stablecoin (PHX); (6) introduce mobile check deposit through its award-winning app UnionBank Online; (7) opened the first fully digital bank branch in the country, The ARK; and most recently, (8) the first Philippine bank to go fully on the cloud.
Today, UnionBank blazes the innovation trail anew by being the first local bank to enter the Metaverse.
"This collaboration with Ark of Dreams gives us yet another opportunity to forge forward in our pursuit of tech-ing up the Philippines and reinforcing our commitment to deliver superior customer experience across channels; and now, even the Metaverse! We are excited to be the leader in this revolution as the digital asset space keeps maturing and consumer demand for it grows exponentially," said Henry Aguda, chief technology and operations officer and chief transformation officer at UnionBank.
The founder of Ark of Dreams, Jason de la Rosa, says that "Ark of Dreams is a unique metaverse project." He envisioned this NFT project to provide opportunities that will allow to uplift people's lives.
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