Ambitious Vision

Our Vision

Imagine waking up in the morning with no alarm clock, feeling refreshed and content. You go about your day like you always do, like…
  • Do your regular grooming routine;
  • Cook and eat breakfast with your family;
  • Wash the dishes, clean up the table;
  • Take a bath and get dressed…..
Sound familiar? But the future we see is different...
You then…
  • Pick up your phone or laptop;
  • Launch Ark of Dreams, and;
  • Open your metaverse wardrobe to choose which fashion NFT you'd like to wear today.
Now your meta-identity called "avatar" looks amazing!
You then…
  • Dress up with the same outfit as your avatar (which was delivered to your door together with your fashion NFT purchase);
  • Kiss your family good-bye, and you head to the door to go to work/workstation.
  • Then you go back to Ark of Dreams to engage in the metaverse called "Arkonia" with your family and friends.
  • Go on adventures, quests, shopping, and even just chill around – earning from what you like doing, and using your tokens to shop for real-life items delivered to your door.
With Ark of Dreams, we envision every person to…
  • Wake up content everyday;
  • Have true real-life utility of NFTs (get real-life items/benefits with your digital purchase);
  • Not have to go to “work”, but to do what you actually want to do;
  • Earn from engaging in the metaverse, enough for your essentials, and;
  • Have a magical and true metaverse living, while enriching your real life.

Metaverse Lore

Amélie, with her pet Pompom, getting ready to go on an adventure at the Ark of Dreams --- surrounded by floating islands, fluffy clouds, untouched nature, invisible magic, and cutting edge technology.
Welcome to Arkonia, a limitless world of nature, magic, and technology. With floating islands surrounding the skies, fluffy bright white clouds thick enough to jump and dive on, and whirring neon technology powering equipment and tools around the islands… this is where we were all born from.
Yet, we lived in a different world called Earth.
Everything changed when Amélie, our female protagonist, received a letter and a necklace with a key from her dying grandmother. No one knew, even Amélie, that this would unlock an invisible ark — which would lead to a magical and limitless world so different from a dying Earth, the world she’s only ever known.
Or so she thought.
Join Amélie, as she boards the Ark of Dreams, and discover what Arkonia has in store for you in the metaverse and in real life.
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Our Vision
Metaverse Lore