Ambitious Vision

Our Vision

Imagine waking up in the morning with no alarm clock, feeling refreshed and content. You go about your day like you always do, like…
  • Do your regular grooming routine;
  • Cook and eat breakfast with your family;
  • Wash the dishes, clean up the table;
  • Take a bath and get dressed…..
Sound familiar? But the future we see is different...
You then…
  • Pick up your phone or laptop;
  • Launch Ark of Dreams, and;
  • Open your metaverse wardrobe to choose which fashion NFT you'd like to wear today.
Now your meta-identity called "avatar" looks amazing!
You then…
  • Dress up with the same outfit as your avatar (which was delivered to your door together with your fashion NFT purchase);
  • Kiss your family
  • Then you go back to Ark of Dreams to engage in the metaverse called "Arkonia" with your family and friends.
  • Go on adventures, quests, shopping, and even just chill around – earning from what you like doing, and using your tokens to shop for real-life items delivered to your door.
With Ark of Dreams, we envision every person to…
  • Wake up content everyday;
  • Have true real-life utility of NFTs (get real-life items/benefits with your digital purchase);
  • Not have to go to “work”, but to do what you actually want to do through METABUSINESS
  • Earn from engaging in the metaverse, enough for your essentials, and;
  • Have a magical and true metaverse living, while enriching your real life.