Welcome to the Ark of Dreams

An X2Earn Metaverse Project.
The Ark of Dreams is a unique, decentralized and immersive open world X2Earn(TM) game that links the Metaverse to the Real World through blockchain technology and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). We merge the gaming metaverse with the real world. It incorporates online shopping, NFTs, online activities, social events, gaming, virtual world exploration and activities linked to well-loved brands and icons.
Note: The "X" in X2EarnTM can be anything and not just "Play2Earn". It can be Watch2Earn, Shop2Earn, Listen2Earn among many others.
Arkonians, the citizens of AoD, can:
  • Interact with brands through different mini-activities, buy products, and win rewards inside the Metaverse. Use our in-game tokens Arkonian Crystals for game progression as well as play-for-rewards from exciting partner brands.
  • Enjoy playing games and quests for fun or for reward
  • Extend their businesses to the Metaverse by selling their own brand NFT's
  • Create and Sell NFTs, making money out of thin air.
  • Level up and even power up their characters to get real-world benefits and rewards from the brands they love.
  • Explore the metaverse with a lively community!
Some people ask us, why "the Ark of Dreams?" The ARK symbolizes a vehicle to the new earth that is formed out of the old, destructive world - and DREAMS mean new hope and rising from the ashes - something relevant to our pandemic-embattled world. We would like to create a metaverse that allows people to achieve new heights where they can start over in the digital world - and make an impact in the real world.
Our mission is to provide an opportunity for people to uplift their lives through blockchain-based platforms and interactions. Our vision: AoD believes that the future is about people who build the life they want through an autonomous, immersive, and fun platform that connects their real life to the Metaverse.

What can you expect from the ARK OF DREAMS?

Mobile Game Play-to-Earn - During the first phase of Ark of Dreams, you will be able to grow and take care of your own NFT pet which in turn can give you real world rewards from brands. We utilize our own in-game currency AKRONIAN CRYSTALS to ensure equal and fair chance for our citizens to enjoy gameplay and quests without hyperinflation and get rewards equally. This currency is used to facilitate all transactions, NFT purchases, and in-game level ups such as items.
  • NFT PETS! - Pet NFTs are cute, adorable and powerful avatars that you can take care of in-game.
  • Exclusive rewards - Pet owners can get real-world rewards by using in-game items of brands purchased using Arkonian Crystals.
  • Mystery Merchandise drops - Pet owners get surprise mystery merchandise and NFTs!
AoD Marketplace - Citizens of the Ark can buy and sell digital products, artwork ad NFT's to be used in game or to earn rewards.
Metacommerce! - We are bringing the best brands you love on board! Ark of Dreams aim to connect the metaverse to the real world, therefore you can now interact with the brands you love in the virtual world. Buy products and have it delivered to your homes. Buy "phygital" and NFT versions of products. Use brand NFT's in your metaverse. The possibilities are endless. Through a merchant portal, brands can power up items and build in the metaverse.
X2Earn - We expanded the Play-to-Earn concept you know and turned it into an endless interaction with the metaverse. X2Earn is a program that allows you to Watch, play, donate, create, buy to earn rewards, making Ark of Dreams a part of your daily life in the real world.
Virtual Estate - At the 4th stage of our Roadmap, you will be able to stake your claim in the virtual world by buying a piece of Ark of Dreams estate.
Governance - Select token holders will be able to vote on our semi-DAO to determine future features and activities of the Ark of Dreams.
Social Impact - A percentage of our fund will go straight to social impact, focusing on the development and recovery of SME's due to the COVID-19 crisis. The team has been working with several groups to make sure we are successful in making Ark of Dreams a vehicle of impact.

How is Ark of Dreams different?

Everyone's talking about metaverse NFT gaming, right?
We all know that you can't make money if you don't spend money (or time). But what almost no one understands about metaverse NFT gaming is the concept of metaverse living.
It's not getting into every new NFT game early that helps you create a sustainable income in crypto without playing all day and getting rug pulled…
It's finding NFT games that empower people to live the life they want both in real life and in the metaverse.
And that can happen even if you can't stop throwing money at new NFT projects – hoping it's the one. As long as you pick the one that will...
  • Help you fulfill your aspirations in life,
  • is aligned with your vision of the future,
  • is fun to do, doesn't take up much of your time, and
  • is designed for a balanced economy for the long-term.
That’s exactly how Ark of Dreams is different from other metaverse games or platforms.