Metaliving ,Metacommerce and Metabusiness(X2Earn)

Metaliving and Metacommerce merges your real world with the meta world so that it becomes one and the same. Whatever happens to you in the fantasy realm mirrors in your real life.

There are 3 types of quests your avatar can do:

  1. Daily quests

    • The goal of daily quests is to meet your avatar's daily needs. If you have a pet, you need to meet your main petโ€™s needs too.

      • Their needs are: hunger, hygiene, happiness, social, and fun.

    • Some needs can be filled by using in-game items (such as food for hunger), and some need to be filled by doing discovery quests.

    • The happiness need can only be filled by doing what your avatar loves to do (defined at the beginning of the game) through quests, missions, and even events and exploration

  2. Discovery quests (optional)

    • The goal of discovery quests is to fulfill your avatar's aspirations, based on your answers during the welcome tour at the beginning of the game.

    • These quests not just help you avatar level-up on certain skills, but it will also help you level-up as a person. All discovery quests are educational in nature and can be applied in real life too.

    • These optional quests become available randomly, but are related to what aspirations you chose for your avatar.

    • Discovery quests grow based on community feedback and request, and can be done for as long as you have the stamina to spend for the day.

  3. Exploration quests and Mini Games

    • Exploration quests give you the chance to explore the world of Arkonia, its history, secrets, and be updated on current events in a world full of unlimited possibilities.

    • You can freely explore Arkonia and its many islands for as long as you want, but you will need Stamina to do special quests or missions.

    • The main storyline is in exploration quests. You will get an exploration quest every day and will refresh once you complete at least one. This can give you an idea of where and what you can do to explore Arkonia, your home world.


Metacommerce allows you to interact with real world brands inside the game. It affects your game character, but also gives you the benefits IRL.

In Ark of Dreams, we are promoting personal empowerment, an abundance mindset, and a bias towards limitless possibilities.

Life skills are various real life activities that will have an effect both on your meta-identity and your real life identity.

These could be in the form ofโ€ฆ

  • Real life activities that you can do in the Arkonia metaverse;

  • or metaverse activities that you need to accomplish in real life.

Life Skills require Stamina. When you do quests and missions, you gain a set number of Stamina Points on a daily basis. When you run out, you can also buy Stamina Potions, or get them free from other quests.

Examples of Life Skills are:

  • Cooking;

  • Farming;

  • Crafting;

  • Mining;

  • Hunting;

  • And much more.


Have you ever dreamed of having your own business but lacked the whole capital or the knowhow? In Ark of Dreams, we give you the opportunity to leverage of the web3 platform to start earning rewards, profit sharing and learning. You are able to participate in the businesses of our merchant partners and earn from both the real world and the virtual world.

For example:

1) You mint an NFT of a brand called JUAN SISIG, a real world food cart chain

2) Once you connect to the game, you will see a JUAN SISIG cart in the inventory of your avatar, and its utility - earning crystals in the game as a metaverse business owner.

3) But soon you will also realize, that you will own a digital asset that represents your membership into the Metabusiness club of Ark of Dreams that allows you to get profit share and rewards from an actual store in the real world of Juan Sisig, which you will get as real earnings in your wallet, through staking your NFT.

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