Game Overview

The Ark of Dreams Early access release will be launched to pre-registered gamers on December 2022.
Ark of Dreams (AoD) is a blockchain-based life simulation game powered by NFTs and real-life brands where you can…
  • Be who or what you want to be as a digital self;
  • Earn in-game tokens and real cash rewards from doing things you are truly interested in;
  • Shop from brands you know and love;
  • Get your shopping delivered to your real-life home.
With Ark of Dreams you can:
PET SIMULATION GAME - The first phase is the PET SIMULATION GAME allows you to take care of a Legendary Pet NFT or a Mythic Pet NFT. The more you take care of your pet, the more rewards. At this stage, you will experience the AoD game economy and the use of our in-game currency Arkonian Crystals in order to transact and to play.
METAVERSE - the last phase of the Ark of Dreams Game is a simulation of the world in an exquisitely designed environment where you can experience the X2Earn concept - interaction between users and brands in a virtual environment powered by NFTs. With you avatar, you can open a business, shop, play mini-games and earn real world rewards that you can enjoy IRL.