The Game Play

The game is all about simulating your life in the Metaverse, sharing the experience with other players, and connecting that experience in real life.

It all starts with a welcome tour of the Ark of Dreams and its home world, Arkonia. Here you will learn how to play the game. It will then help you create your avatar (your meta-identity) and its personality.

You can make your meta-identity mirror who you are in real life, someone you want to be, or someone totally different. The choice is up to you.

Each citizen once registered will get the Ark of Dreams Citizen NFT ID. This will serve as the identification of your avatar. With this ID, the user can:

  • identify himself in the metaverse with an NFT ID

  • power up the ID with many benefits and rewards from brands

  • exclusive drops from AoD

  • in-game benefits and recurring power ups

  • Reward points accumulation

  • Exclusive deals from AoD Partner brands and merchants

  • Exclusive access to events of AoD

Types of Arkonian IDs:

  • FREE Arkonian ID - you get this ID upon registration to Ark of Dreams

  • Early Arkonian ID - for early adapters

  • Super Arkonian ID - after you purchase a Legendary Pet

  • Rare ID - after you get a Mythic Pet

Take care of your NFT Pet

The first phase of the Ark of Dreams game world is a Pet game, reminiscient of the popular 90's pocket game "Tamagotchi" where you can feed, bathe, and play with your NFT. You start off with free pets, and you can upgrade to Legendary or Mythic Pets.

You can purchase your first Legendary Pet NFT during the AoD Private Sale or at the AoD Marketplace. You can only get a Mythic Pet after getting five (5) Legendary Pets.

Every citizen with an Arkonian NFT ID and an NFT Pet starts off with a Genesis Egg that will hatch to start the gameplay.

To take care of your pet, you will have to stabilize the pet needs (HUNGER, HAPPINESS, HYGIENE and HEALTH). The more you take care of your pet, the more rewards you will get in the form the AoD in-game currency, ARKON CRYSTAL.

You can buy items at the Arkonia Store to boost and feed your pet. You can also buy additional Arkonian Crystals to use for in-game purchases and activities. One of the exciting things you can do is purchase NFT items from your favorite brands to feed, clothe, bathe, and play with your pet. These branded items give exceptional power-ups and at the same time, give you real rewards, and actual products delivered to your doorstep at much more affordable prices using Arkonian Crystals to pay.

The more you power up your pet, the more rewards you get! Some rewards you can encash by converting them to our token $AoD, or you can use your Arkonian Crystals to get immediate rewards through the Arkon Exchange.

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