NFT Brands

Brands are not readily equipped to develop their own blockchain based games or metaverse. Ark of Dreams allow them to launch in the metaverse by placing their real world products in a game environment, not just an ad or a showcase, but as a digital asset that interacts with the consumers, whether it's browsing products, buying a product, or getting rewards that can be used in the real world.

The benefit to the brand:

Market Reach/Additional Sales Channel - We provide an innovative and immersive venue for the brand to reach our community. We are a community who is liquid and at the same time, adept at transacting digitally, reaching your market directly.

Branding - Being in the metaverse and having an NFT strategy strengthens brand equity, giving a feeling of being technologically up to date, relevant and digital.

Immortality - The brand will forever etched in the Blockchain.

From Artwork to Functional NFT

The AoD Brand NFT is not just an "artwork", but a functional NFT. We power the back end so that the NFT holder can gain rewards, benefits, transact and even have a yielding online business.

For example, Brand X who owns a retail store brand, and we can create an NFT for the brand that allows the holder to have a "virtual franchise", or simply just have a discount for every purchase. We power up NFT's so that there are real world benefits for the token holder. This makes both the NFT and the $AoD token active and functional for life.

Similarly, a HOSPITAL NFT gives you access to telemedicine, a STORE NFT gives you access to discounted products, and a STADIUM NFT gives you ability to earn through eSPORTS tournaments. Franchise NFT's give you the power to own an online business within the Metaverse and the Real World.

Each NFT enables you to unlock its features making it an active and yielding asset.

How is brand integrated into Ark of Dreams?

Ark of Dreams can create the brands' limited editionNFTs including artwork, design, or production whether it is an image, video, document, photo or audio. We then make these NFTs available in the marketplace for sale for our community to purchase. After tokenizing the product, we then decide on what "function" the NFT will have - for example:

  • In-Game Wearables and Skinning: A Watch brand can have a "wearable" NFT that can dress up the in-game PET. Having this watch can give certain "powers" or "level up" for the character. The user can then purchase the actual watch by collecting arkonian crystals, eventually getting the watch delivered to his actual home, which he has registered during the KYC process.

  • Metacommerce: A Burger brand is offering 50% off for first time purchase to those who has its limited edition burger NFT. So when a user purchases the burger NFT and use it in-game (e.g. feed it to the pet), the pet gets it power up STAMINA, at the same time, the user receives a one time voucher for actual purchase.

  • Phygital NFT: A popular sneakers brand created 100 limited edition sneaker design NFT's. Those who purchase will be able to use those sneakers in-game, at the same time, receive 1 out of 100 special sneakers delivered at his doorstep.

  • Business NFT: A bookstore creates a bookstore NFT that allows the user to place the bookstore in the metaverse, and gets lifetime 10% discount on all book deliveries purchased with Arkonian Crystals, but at the same time, gets additional 5% for every book bought through his metaverse bookstore.

  • Brand Headquarters - An NFT office with an infinite expanse of space. As a business/brand owner, you can design it however you want without the limitations of space and layout. This is your brandโ€™s metaverse office from your main island in Arkonia. You can have multiple branches but only 1 headquarters. Choose wisely.

  • We have so much more ideas, but we know you have more going on in your head!

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